Zhejiang Yunhui Foundation Ceremony a Great Success

On August 24, the Zhejiang Yunhui Foundation Ceremony was successfully held in Hangzhou. The Ceremony was hosted by the Yunhui Foundation Council and co-organized by Zhejiang University. Many distinguished guests attended the ceremony, including the sponsor and counselor of the Yunhui Foundation, Zhijun He (a famed professor of Zhejiang University), and Yanzhuang Xue, one-time President and Secretary of the former Hangzhou University. Also in attendance were officials from the Civil Affairs Bureau and Education Bureau of Hangzhou, the Principal and students of Yuan Qing Middle School, Mr. Jian Zhao, Chairman of Insigma Group, Mr. Lie Shi, Chairman of Insigma Technology, executives of State Street including Albert Jerry Cristoforo, Jin Xu, Xiaomei Jia, as well as Professor Xiaohu Yang (Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University’s Software College), and senior executives of Hengtian, including Bo Zhou, Jianling Sun, Shanping Li, Liang Cai, and Zhongdong Huang. Major media outlets Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Zhejiang Daily, and Du Shi Kuai Bao came to the ceremony and covered the event.

Figure 1: Group shot of guests and students

Juan Wu, Council Member and Secretary of the Yunhui Foundation (former Vice President of Hengtian) opened the ceremony by introducing the guests. Mr. Bo Huang, President of the Yunhui Foundation and founder of Zhejiang Uniview Technologies and a graduate of Zhejiang University, gave a brief introduction to the Yunhui Foundation. Next to speak was Professor Zhijun He, who said that after his many decades’ of college teaching, he and his wife Ms YanZhuang Xue “decided to donate most of our savings to support the migrant workers, after seeing how they make great contributions to the development of the Chinese economy”, explaining that this is their way of giving back to the society. In the warm applauses it was the announcement that the Zhejiang Yunhui Foundation was officially founded, the husband and wife team Zhijun He and Yanzhuang Xue unveiled the plaque. Bo Huang announced that the first funding project named the “Yunhui Inspiring Growth Scholarship” was officially launched. Eighteen students approached the stage to receive their scholarships, and the student representative gave a speech.

Figure 2: Keynote speakers, and founding husband-wife team

Over 30 Hengtian employees lent a hand as volunteers, contributing to the success of the ceremony. Hengtian plans to coordinate with the Yunhui Foundation to promote public charity. The Foundation will kick off a series of charity activities to help the children of urban migrant workers to receive a solid education, as well as other benefits. Hengtian welcomes caring individuals from all walks of life to join the mission of the Yunhui Foundation.

About the Yunhui Foundation and the Yunhui Inspiring Growth Scholarship

The Zhejiang Yunhui Foundation was launched by the husband-wife team of Zhijun He and Yanzhuang Xue, both famed educators from Zhejiang University. The foundation is operated by leaders and professionals from several industries. The Yunhui Foundation is a private placement foundation, registered at the Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau on July 20, 2015.

The Yunhui Inspiring Growth Scholarship was established based on the principles of the Yunhui Foundation. The Scholarship aims to raise funds for high school students from low-income families. Qualified recipients are awarded as “Hangzhou Excellent Growth Students” to inspire them to reach their full potential.

Figure 3: Principal Yanzhuang Xue and Yuzhi Wang inaugurate the Yunhui Foundation
Figure 4: Members of the Yunhui Foundation Council