Zhejiang University-Hengtian Training Center Takes Home National Award

This past September, the joint post-graduate training center established by Hengtian and Zhejiang University garnered the award of The National Model Center for Engineering Postgraduate Co-Training Program during the 9th annual Engineering Educational Seminar. Among the model centers, Zhejiang University-Hengtian center is the only one in the area of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

The Engineering Educational Seminar was hosted by the National Postgraduate Engineering Education Steering Committee. A number of organizations were honored during the ceremony, receiving such awards as The National Model Center for Engineering Postgraduate Co-Training Programs, Outstanding Engineering Degree Recipients and Outstanding Engineering Interns.

Hengtian has always regarded the cultivation and recruitment of talent as its top priority, having set up the Hengtian Scholarship at the Software College of Zhejiang University and co-sponsored the Innovation Seminar. Furthermore, in 2013, Hengtian was awarded the national–level educational center of engineering practice. The long-term cooperation between the company and Zhejiang University has resulted in the development of many talented IT professionals. This cooperation has continuously been the driving force for the sustainable development of Hengtian’s Human Resources strategy.