Zhejiang Daily High-tech Industry Develops Rapidly in 2008, Hangzhou

Insigma Technology Corp. has been speeding up construction of the nearly complete Insigma Software Outsourcing Industry Park, an integrative area for outsourcing industries, and by this summer a group of corporations are expected to move into the park.  According to the Assistant to the President of Insigma Technology, Mr. Hui Li, Insigma Park is built as a core platform based in Hangzhou for international outsourcing business.  Insigma Technology is also expected to be the biggest software outsourcing provider of China to Microsoft Corp.

Insigma Software Outsourcing Industry Park is among the top 10 supported industrial zones in Hangzhou.  In the coming three years, the Hangzhou government intends to speed up construction of two state-level service outsourcing model zones, one as the High-tech Technology Industry Development Zone (Binjiang District), and the other as the Economic and Technological Development Zone.  In addition, the government also plans to establish 10 province-level or city-level service outsourcing zones, qualifications of which include annual revenue surpassing $US 100 million, an employee count of over 5,000, and at least five industrial zones owing sales revenue of over $US 20 million within five years.  It is the action and plan to establish a Hangzhou brand, building Hangzhou city as a state-level service outsourcing base.

The developing route for service outsourcing indicates that Hangzhou is making efforts on persistent and significant adjustment of its high-tech industry, by speeding up expansion of Development Zone construction, from two model sites, the High-tech Technology Industry Development Zone (Binjiang District) and the Economic and Technological Development Zone, to a coverage of 13 counties.  Development and expansion of high-tech industry in Hangzhou is considered at its bloom.

A project program named “Paradise Silicon Valley” in Golden Triangle is expected to be released soon.  Golden Triangle refers to the High-tech Industry Development Zone, the Economic and Technological Development Zone, Westlake District, and Yuhang District’s Cangqian town.  Westlake District and Cangqian town, as the new added zones for the Golden Triangle development project, while further depending on resources from Zhejiang University and China Academy of Art, are expected to focus on industries covering information network, animation cartoon, culture creativity and knowledge-oriented service.