Xiaoqi Liao, Vice Minister of Commerce, China, Visited Insigma Technology Corp.

On December 26, 2007, an inspection group of Hangzhou and Zhejiang government, including Director of Zhejiang Foreign Economic and Trade Office Ming Feng, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou city Guili Tong and other senior officials, led by Vice Minister of Commerce of China Xiaoqi Liao, paid a visit to Insigma Technology Corporation. This delegation was warmly received by senior executives of Zhejiang University and Insigma Technology Corp., including the Secretary of Party Committee at Zhejiang University Xi Zhang, Chairman of Insigma Group Jian Zhao, Chairman of Insigma Technology Chun Chen and CEO Lie Shi.

Chairman of Insigma Technology Chun Chen introduced to the guests the development Insigma has experienced in recent years, and he especially highlighted the achievements Insigma has witnessed in the global software outsourcing field. Maintaining the policy of “service-oriented, quality-oriented, global-oriented”, Insigma Technology Corp.has been in a leading position in the service outsourcing industry in China.  Besides closely and deeply cooperating with gloval finance giant State Street Corp. and IT giant Microsoft, Insigma Technology Corp.has built up its success model of modern high end service industry which is highly appreciated by the field of Information Technology as well as domestic and foreign medias.

Insigma’s accomplishments were highly appraised by Vice Director Liao. He sincerely represented, Insigma Technology should seriously and continuously abide by the policies proposed in the 17th CPC National Congress and Central Economic Conference, while keeping innovative concepts and dedicating more to the development of modern service industry.

After the discussion session, accompanied by Vice Mayor Tong and Insigma Technology CEO Shi, Vice Director Liao visited Insigma Software Outsourcing Industry Park which is neighboring the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University.  Mainly featured with the software outsourcing industry, the Park also plans to introduce, in a proper time, some new equipment services such as Calling Center, Finance Settlements Center, BPO and so forth to make the Park an integrative area for outsourcing industries. Vice Director Liao also has learned that more than 1 year ago, 46 thousand square meters’ area in the 1st constructive project of the park buildings has been fully reserved.  In 2008, 3000-plus employees of State Street Technology Zhejiang and Insigma global software outsourcing team, are expected to move into the park.  Vice Director Liao highly appreciated the park’s high standard, and he sincerely expressed his hope that this park could be built up as a leading and top-grade software outsourcing industry park in China.