Webinar| AI Taps Deep Data of A-share Market Quantitative Investment to Obtain Excess Profit

On March 22, a webinar “Hengtian Innovation Forum: Capirobo – Financial Deep Data Expert” which is held by Hengtian and BCIC through Internet, attracts more than 50 financial investors from the world. The Chief Data Scientist of Capirobo Technology Dr. Zhiyu Peng shared the big data and artificial intelligence logic behind smart investment, and also introduced the financial depth data and related products created by Capirobo Technology, inspires audiences’ strong interest in financial depth data.

In the speech, the “deep data” that Mr. Zhiyu Peng mentioned is the law of profit behind A-share market. The deep data bases on rigorous economic theory or financial model, makes use of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to excavate the potential profit law from the cumbersome basic data, forming predictive data on company stock prices, industry development and macro evaluation etc.. Deep data is essentially using various pricing failure points, to find short-term or long-term statistical arbitrage opportunity through complicated mathematical models. Behind it is a typical big data technology process, including the gaining of massive data, data cleaning and data modeling.

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As one of the co-founders of Capirobo Technology, Mr Zhiyu Peng always devotes himself into the research and development of financial deep data, provides products and solutions to quantitative investment. Capirobo Technology takes advantage of big data and AI, excavates valuable financial data from massive data. In the process of data collection, cleaning and excavation, using intelligent web crawlers, machine learning, deep learning, distributed computing architecture, unstructured data processing techniques, natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, etc., helps to construct a database which has significant investment advantages, excavates the deep data which has excess profit, thereby constructing a quantitative investment strategy based on deep data, and through the verification by mock trading and real trading, it helps the institutional and individual investors to obtain excess returns.

About Capirobo Technology

Capirobo Technology, a spin-off company of Hengtian that specialized in researching and developing robo-advisory products, is founded in March 2017 in Hangzhou, China. It is a financial technology company specialized in smart investment and committed to the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in financial investment. By mining valuable data, we provide investors with deep data services.