Two Awards! Hengtian Boosters Digital Transformation of Financial Services

On June 20th, the China International Service Outsourcing Conference and International Digital Economic Summit was held in Xuzhou, where Hengtian was awarded the ”The Most Influential Financial Science and Technology Service Company in China in 2018” and “The Most Influential Offshore Service Outsourcing Company in China in 2018”. Mr. Jun Chen, Vice President of Hengtian, was invited to present on the topic “From quantitative change to qualitative change, digital extension reshapes the new mode of enterprise operation.”


Mr. Jun Chen receiving the award

With the development trend of Internet and digitalization, the traditional business model and the pre-defined standardized products no longer meet the clients’ operational needs. How to make use of digital technology, build and integrate into the new digital ecosystem, and become digital economy enablers needs to be explored. Especially in the financial industry, it is more necessary to step up the promotion of data-driven intelligent operations, upgrade and optimize the overall industrial ecosystem, and improve the quality of digital services.

To promote innovation in financial technology products and services, Hengtian uses artificial intelligence to deeply optimize the service model and promote the intelligent transformation of financial business from the aspects of financial advisors, risk control assistants and human-computer interaction. Based on artificial intelligence technology and with the intelligent interaction model as the core function module, Hengtian independently develops the AI business engine by using big data technology. On the one hand, it provides comprehensive analysis of a large number of historical data information to provide financial institutions with in-depth analysis data; On the other hand, robot customer service can realize interaction with clients, grasp clients’ needs accurately, and optimize marketing based on historical information to help solve clients’ problems. In addition, Hengtian is deeply rooted in new retail intelligence solutions, providing scenario analysis and forecasting solutions for new retail supply chain, helping retail (FMGG) companies establish a scientific and sustainable visualization supply chain optimization scenario analysis tool.062502

The Conference Venue

This conference focused on new opportunities for service outsourcing and new challenges for outsourcing enterprises in the era of digital economy in the context of “The Belt and Road”. It explored new trends, new areas, new formats, and new dynamics in service outsourcing, and built “a highland for innovative development, platform for exchanges and cooperation, two-way open bridge.” Domestic service outsourcing executives, TNCs executives, outsourcing experts, and other professional organizations gathered in Xuzhou to explore the future internationalization of China’s outsourcing service enterprises.

The Awards

The two awards are the testimonial of Hengtian’s technical strength and services quality and also the recognition as a leading financial IT service provider in China. By using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies, Hengtianprovides IT products and solutions such as the Financial Data Service Platform, Bond Market Products, Commercial Paper Market Products, Foreign Exchange Market Products, Internet Financial Products and intelligent analysis tools for multi-field financial institutions including banks, securities, insurances, exchanges, Internet finance companies etc. Hengtian has strong relationships with domestic financial institutions such as China Foreign Exchange Trade System, Shanghai Clearing House, ICBC and Hangzhou Bank, as well as overseas financial institutions such as State Street and DST Systems. In the future, Hengtian looks forward to fostering technological innovation and will continue to provide innovative financial and technical services and solutions.