Turing Award Winner Silvio Micali Visits Hengtian and Insigma

On Dec. 19, Turing award winner Professor Silvio Micali from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) visited Insigma Software Park. Zhou Bo, Vice President of Insigma Technology and CEO of Hengtian, and Sun Jianling, Senior Vice President of Hengtian, together with several Hengtian product managers, had an extensive and in-depth discussion with Professor Micali.

During the meeting, Zhou presented an overview of Insigma and Hengtian and partnerships with key global clients such as State Street, China Foreign Exchange Trade Center, among others. Later, Zhou remarked how Hengtian had blossomed into an innovation-driven company, utilizing the Computer Science talents of Zhejiang University and collaborating with global clients. Zhou especially introduced Hengtian’s innovative R&D products relevant to the cloud, re-engineering, big data, flash storage and internet finance fields.


Micali listened attentively to the introduction and spoke highly of Hengtian’s achievements. He showed great interest in the cloud platform and the advancement of E-commerce and internet finance. He also shared the findings of his research accomplishments. Both sides exchanged opinions on the industrialization of these accomplishments and expressed their interest in participating in future discussions about micropayments, cloud security, and other related topics.