Xiaoyan Han

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Ms. Xiaoyan Han is Vice President of Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd. She is responsible for exploring and developing the domestic financial market.

Ms. Han has led the team to provide professional development, testing, demand analysis and consulting services to many clients such as China Foreign Exchange Trade System, Shanghai Clearing House and Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange, and continues to lead the team to independently develop a series of IT products for the interbank market, such as Hengtian Financial Data Service Platform and Hengtian Bond Market Maker.

Ms. Han has more than 10 years of experience in IT services in the financial industry. She is familiar with domestic RMB and foreign exchange business, especially the bonds, commercial paper and foreign exchange businesses related to the interbank market and also has an extensive experience in product planning and design.

Since joining Hengtian in 2007, Ms. Han has served in the positions of test leader, requirement analysis manager and project manager. As a pioneer in Hengtian’s domestic financial market development, she led the team to successfully complete the foreign exchange trading center FX2009, RMB transaction system, and also assisted the CFETS to build the IMIX standard;  The team also completed the construction of Hengtian financial data service platform, bond market maker, quotation engine and other products based on the business with CFETS, Shanghai Clearing House, and Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange. Those products have been successfully adopted and highly recognized by major domestic commercial banks and securities.

Ms. Han received her Master Degree in Software Engineering from Zhejiang University.