The Services Outsourcing Talents Training Project Formally Kicked off, Hangzhou

The Services Outsourcing Talents Training Project formally kicked off at the Hangzhou World Trade Center on May 12th. It was attended by senior executives and representatives from both government and related organizations, including the Director of Ministry of Commerce’s Overseas Investment Dept., Zhiqun Li, the Deputy Director of Industrial Informationization Dept., Ying Chen, the Mayor of Hangzhou city, Qi Cai, the executive delegation from the Science & Technology Dept, the International Investment Institution, and several other directors of related departments.

Services Outsourcing Talents Training Project, as a subsidiary project of “Hangzhou 10,000 College Students Venture Training Project”, strictly follows out a strategy made by the provincial committee, aims at actualizing more qualified talents’ timely meet corporate business demands.  After three years’ continuous practice, the project has cultivated an increasing number of corporate applicants with compound and practical expertise in order to provide IT or services outsourcing corporations rich pools of superior talents.

According to Mayor Cai, as services outsourcing in Hangzhou started early, compared to other Chinese cities, and with its full service quality for better connection between corporations and college graduates, this training project has been classified according to its various functions based on its different talents demand.  Mayor Cai expressed that the kickoff of this project will dedicate more to establishing “Silicon Valley in Paradise” Hangzhou as a top-class nation-level services outsourcing city.

In the ceremony held in the World Trade Center, Insigma Global Services Training Center, with other five other training centers, were awarded with the “Hangzhou Services Outsourcing Training Foundation Honor”.