The National Library of China Launches “Digital Librarian” Created by Hengtian Customer Experience Creative Center

Recently, we are proud to announce the latest innovation from Hengtian Customer Experience Creative Center (HCXC): the AI Digital Librarian “Xiao Tu”, which we have created for the National Library. Introducing “Xiao Tu” a cutting-edge hyper-realistic digital human designed to enhance library services and customer interaction.

This represents a significant leap forward in bridging the gap between virtual and real-world experiences within the library environment.

“Xiao Tu”, an advanced AI-powered service, provides users with a range of interactive features including real-time Q&A, book recommendations, search capabilities, and even group photo opportunities. With Xiao Tu’s assistance, customers can now enjoy a more engaging and personalized library experience across multiple devices such as large screens, PC clients, and smartphones.

The success of this project showcases Hengtian’s strong capabilities in digital design, experience consulting, and software development. Our dedicated team has meticulously crafted customized cross-platform interactive environments that merge digital creativity with practical business applications. This integration not only elevates the user experience but also demonstrates the potential for technology to revolutionize traditional service industries like libraries.

About Hengtian Customer Experience Creative Center (HCXC):

Hengtian Customer Experience Center (HCXC) is a young team with multiple backgrounds and interdisciplinary disciplines, founded in 2015. Over the years, it has accumulated and achieved many successful projects in various industry domains. HCXC strategically cooperates with market-leading companies in many industries and regions and continues to build a digital experience ecosystem with partners.