The Business Executives’ Delegation of CCPIT Visited Hengtian for Remarkable Communication Focusing on Fintech

Recently, CCOIC Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce invited senior executives of domestic and international well-known enterprises related to fintech such as Citibank, Hang Seng Bank, Capital Eight, KapronAsia, Columbia China League Business Advisory etc. to come to Hengtian for visiting and communicating as well as accelerating the compactness and diversities of economic trade cooperation.


Wells Shi, Vice President of Hengtian, introduced that Hengtian as the strategic alliance of ZJU, Insigma and State Street had went through over 15 years’ development and showed Hengtian’s innovative research achievements and best practices in the area of Fintech which led to active discussion and interactive questions from the visitors. When talked about Hengtian’s robot advisor product, Capirobo Strategy Development Platform, a visitor asked “whether the stock analysts will be replaced by robots with the rapid development of AI”. Wells answered that in his point of view, the stock analysts wouldn’t be replaced totally at present but might be realized someday in the future. The visitors were also attracted by Hengtian’s Big Data Visualization and its special cooperation mode with ZJU.

In the future, Hengtian will continue exploring global market based on its branches in Ireland and America as well as combining the B&R strategy and will constantly improving itself so as to seek cooperation with more head enterprises to drive a wider development of business.