Robert R.Williams

Robert R. Williams is the Chairman of Hengtian Software Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Insigma and a joint venture with State Street Corporation. Mr. Williams has thirty years’experience in banking and investment services, most recently as Executive Vice President of State Street with responsibility for its Asia Pacific and Latin America business groups. He was involved in the establishment of the Technology Center jointly initiated by Zhejiang University and State Street and remains active with that enterprise.

Mr. Williams has extensive experience in financial services, with particular focus on process workflows and technology. He also has substantial experience with regional regulatory and fiduciary affairs. He was involved in the late 1990’s as a senior consultant to the Hong Kong government on the creation of the Mandatory Provident Fund and worked over an extended period, along with a number of other firms and individuals, with PRC regulators on the creation of rules and procedures to support the introduction of the open end mutual fund industry in China.

Mr. Williams is currently based in Boston. He is a director of a Shanghai-based joint venture mutual fund company, a director of a Washington-based pension consulting firm specializing in technology and workflows and is involved in various volunteer organizations in the U.S. He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and MA from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.