Financial Information Provider

The client is a US-based financial information services provider. Its business website could no longer keep up with the company’s expanding businesses, therefore, the client decided to apply Java to replace its legacy system. Our QA team had to collaborate with the dev team based in the US to assure delivery quality.

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Commercial Bank

The client is one of China’s first city commercial banks and a listed commercial bank with its headquarters there. The testing requirements necessary to effectively assist the updating of its core system are beyond the capabilities of its in-house tech sector. We’re the sole supplier of testing services to the client and was responsible for

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Financial Services

The client is a US-based world-leading financial services company with over a hundred years of development. Its core business areas include investment management, custody, accounting, fund administration, and other asset servicing solutions. We offered all-around QA services as part of our IT services package to support the client’s global financial business.

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