Technology Focused and Innovation Driven — Hengtian Gives Speech at the Cisco HackIT Event

On May 9th, Cisco China held its annual HackIT event at its Hangzhou headquarters. As Cisco’s regional preferred supplier, Hengtian was invited to attend the event and Mr. Jun Chen, Vice President of Hengtian, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “Technology Focused and Innovation Driven.”

Jun started his speech by introducing several case studies that represent Hengtian’s achievements in technology innovation, business operation and life services, such as intelligent source code analysis platform, precision marketing based on big data, smart commanding platform for traffic police,  intelligent management of access control/elevator, intelligent building service and so on.


Because of rapid developments in modern science and technology, maintaining a legacy system while continuing development is a challenge for mainframe users. Many big companies such as IBM have abandoned their legacy systems. However, there is value in software migration of legacy systems. Hengtian is dedicated to researching the automatic analysis and conversion of legacy systems in code level. The intelligent source code analysis platform is based on the classification, clustering, storage, retrieval and reasoning of the knowledge atlas of the code ontology, and establishes the database of code translation or code generation.


Traffic congestion, disorder and accidents are major problems for urban traffic control. The old management system is very limited and is not effective in traffic supervision. Hengtian’s smart commanding platform can perform data analysis and data mining on traffic accidents and violations as well as traffic control. This helps traffic police analyze and handle traffic accidents and violations more efficiently, and enables quick response and information sharing in traffic management.


Hengtian was rated as the Tier 2 preferred supplier since 2016, second only to global preferred supplier, and superior to other preferred suppliers in Asia-Pacific region. Hengtian’s cooperation with Cisco started in 2009 and since that the Hengtian team has continuously expanded from a small one in the earliest POC stage to a large team with hundreds of professionals worked from Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Hefei in China. The stable and in-depth cooperation between Hengtian and various business departments of Cisco not only enabled Cisco to deliver over 10 key projects in global business and thus boosted Cisco’s global SaaS revenues, but also helped Cisco make continuous progress in talent pool building, technology resources optimization and cutting-edge technology research.