Success Story: How Jason and His Team Won the Hearts of Our Clients

It was just an ordinary workday until an email landed in everyones inbox, announcing that Jason had won the title of “Hengtians Quarterly Star Employee.” Better still, his team of tech wizards, in collaboration with our clients in-house tech team, had just received the clients monthly team award for successfully completing the first phase of a new project. 

Jason is our savvy tech lead, and his teams success is nothing short of extraordinary. They have given us a glimpse of how we make every project happen. 

As the saying goes, “Well begun is half done.” The first phase always plays a decisive role throughout the project journey. And this time, the pressure was even more overwhelming, as the success of the first phase would determine whether or not our client would retain us as their partner to proceed with the project. 

Despite the tight schedule, heavy workload, and again, immense pressure, our team refused to let these factors impede their delivery of an exceptional result. They demonstrated “actions speak louder than words,” as evidenced by the intense click-clack sounds of their keyboards, the regular or irregular ding-dong bells of Zoom meetings, and the late night beeps as they clocked out after a long days work.  

Like every happy ending, their hard work paid off, with the client acknowledging that the delivery exceeded expectations. Our team has nailed the project under they belt and is now expected to double in size for the next phase. 

The story of Jason and his team is like a star shining bright in our vast galaxy of business. Throughout the years, all HTers have stayed true to our client-centric and quality-first principles, as we value long-term partnerships over one-off deals.  Confucius once said, “Isnt it a real delight to meet friends who come from afar?” His words resonate throughout history and continue to echo in our hearts. We embrace you from any part of the world and hope to be your sincerest companion on the road to success, bringing the same passion and dedication that Jason and his team showed in making every project a success story.