State Street Global Executives Visit Hengtian and Praise Breakthroughs in AI

On March 27th, State Street’s Executive Vice President & Head of Global Delivery and Business Transformation, Mr. Jeff Conway, State Street’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Jerry Cristoforo, Mr. Dennis Fritchman, and State Street’s Senior Vice President, Ms. Fangfang Chen, Mr. Babloo Sarin, paid a visit to Insigma and Hengtian. Mr. Lie Shi, Chairman of Insigma Technology, Mr. Robert R. Williams, Chairman of Hengtian, Mr. Bo Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of Hengtian and other executives welcomed them on their visit and hosted a meeting to introduce Insigma and Hengtian’s latest progress on FinTech, AI applications and new software solutions and discuss future cooperation in the China financial market.


Figure 1: A group photo of Mr. Jeff Conway (Fifth from the left), Mr. Jerry Cristoforo (Sixth from the left), Mr. Dennis Fritchman (Fourth from the left), Ms. Fangfang Chen (Third from the left), Mr. Lie Shi (Fourth from the right), Mr. Robert R. Williams (Third from the right), Mr. Bo Zhou (First from the left)

State Street is one of the largest custodian banks and asset management companies in the world, and one of Hengtian’s strategic partners. As an alliance among State Street, Zhejiang University and Insigma Technology, Hengtian has been cooperating with State Street since 2004.

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Figure 2: Mr. Bo Zhou (First from the right) introducing the company at Insigma Exhibition Hall

The executives reviewed the 17-year alliance with State Street and presented Insigma and Hengtian’s achievements in areas such as smart finance, smart transport and smart health, as well as breakthroughs on multiple projects in the field of artificial intelligence, such as Intelligent Face Recognition System, Robo-advisor for Stocks and Intelligent Medical Diagnosis System.

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Figure 3: Site visit to one of the Hengtian offices

Mr. Jeff Conway was particularly interested in Hengtian’s advanced legacy system re-engineering solution and praised Hengtian’s service and innovation capabilities. The teams had in-depth discussions about new projects research on financial technology and joint effort on China’s financial market development.

About State Street

Founded in 1792, State Street is a world leading financial services company located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is one of the largest custodian banks and asset management companies in the world with $33.1 trillion assets under custody and over $2.8 trillion assets under management.