Senior Management of Insigma Visited US to Strengthen Cooperation with North America Clients

Sep.2007, CEO of Insigma Technology Corp. Lie Shi, CEO of Insigma Global Services Ltd. Xiaohu Yang, Vice President of Insigma Technology Corp. Grace Gu and Vice President of Insigma Global Services Ltd. Liang Cai visited US for strengthening cooperation with their North America clients.

Sep.13, the group of Insigma senior executives visited State Street Corp. Headquarter in Boston?and met with Joseph C. Antonellis, Vice Chairman and CIO of State Street Corp., Madge M. Meyer, EVP, and Sharon Donovan Hart, EVP, to discuss about the cooperative plan and strategy for 2008.  State Street confirmed that it would expand  operation in Hangzhou to meet the demand of its business growth.   Insigma HengTian Software Ltd, joint venture of State Street and Insigma, will increase its staff by at least 50 percent in 2008.

Sep.17, Insigma managers, along with Chairman of HengTian Bob Williams, as well as HengTian Board Director and CTO of State Street Jerry Cristoforo, paid a visit to Princeton Financial Systems, New Jersey.  Princeton Financial Systems is a subsidiary of State Street Corp. and specializes in investment management services.   Senior executives of Princeton, including CEO, COO, CTO and CAO received the guests.  Princeton management indicated a great interest in partnering with HengTian for software outsourcing, and Insigma was committed to help Princeton extend its market share in Asia-Pacific region. This prospective collaboration is also favorable for Insigma to push forward software outsourcing business in North America market.

Sep.18, Lie Shi, Xiaohu Yang, Liang Cai and Jerry Cristoforo attended IBM Lotus Software release conference in New York.  Lotus was acquired by IBM in 1990s and this release conference attracted a large number of audiences.  This time IBM adopted a free download strategy, and this strategy is considered as a significant challenge for Microsoft.  It is also a wise act for the company to lure back customers from rivals in the long run