Seeking Truth and Being Innovative – A Zhejiang University Laboratory’s Path of Development

This article was published on Hangzhou Weekly

Forty years ago, the “Reform and Opening Up” began. Today, under the new environment, the internet entrepreneurship and innovation boom has coined a new trend in Zhejiang’s economic development. During forty years of endeavor and hardship, Zhejiang has advanced through exploration, and developed through innovation. By following its rigorous motto of “Seeking Truth”, Hangzhou based Zhejiang University has managed to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents, and created fruitful results with its persistent scientific and innovative endeavor. Whether it’s the Zhejiang University Laboratory or Zhejiang University affiliated companies like Hengtian, Bangsheng and Qulian, we always adhere to Zhejiang University’s motto of “Seeking Truth”. On the path of innovation, all “People of Zhejiang University” follow the pace of “Reform and Opening Up”, advance wave upon wave with pioneering efforts, to build a new era of dreams.