Hengtian AI trading bot - Make the change happen

As multiple difficulties and pressures are posted on the financial industry, integrating technologies such as AI and Big Data into financial businesses is gaining momentum. In such an environment, AI trading bots are created, offering a brand new solution to ease the burden of financial trading. Loads of cumbersome work will be handed over to AI bots. A 30% increase in trading efficiency has been made.

It is commonly seen in China that traders switch among iDeal, QTrade, and other instant message apps to gather information such as pricing queries and price quotes. This is how the traditional financial trading model works. Traders need to negotiate prices, manually make changes based on clients’ quotes, and search for counterparties’ information. During trading hours, traders are required to estimate the price, make an offer, and secure deals.

Such a time-consuming and inefficient way has changed thanks to the launch of AI trading bots. Through upgrading the current IT system and improving data analysis, AI bots can automatically identify the requirements and make prompt responses accordingly.

With technologies like NLP and Visualization Engine Configuration, Hengtian has developed an AI trading bot that helps to realize the automatic trading procedure.

Once the trading negotiation starts, the bot will trigger functions including risk control, automatic planning, transaction intentions gathering, and counterparties identification.

In short, it allows financial institutions to boost efficiency, effectively prevent financial risks, and save labor costs.

About Hengtiansoft
Starting from a small research center at Zhejiang University, top 3 in China specializing in computer science and engineering, we, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd., a joint venture with State Street Corp. (NYSE: STT) and Insigma Technology Co., Ltd. (SHA: 600797), has grown into a leading tech company with 2,500+ experts. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Hengtian operates globally through subsidiaries in Boston, USA, Shanghai, and Hefei, China.