New Private Cloud Platform Based on OpenStack HengtianYun Version 3.0 Released

On July 24, Hengtian released the new 3.0 version of HengtianYun, a private cloud platform targeted at enterprise users. Making full use of open source software on OpenStack, this product enables users to easily manage virtual computing, network and storage resources. Hengtian’s own infrastructure system has been running on HengtianYun for over eight months.

System Architecture of HengtianYun

The result of an in-depth secondary development based on OpenStack, the HengtianYun platform is a highly efficient, stable and easy to use cloud platform that provides practical cloud solutions for enterprises wanting to enter cloud. HengtianYun enjoys the following advantages:

1.Stable and Highly Efficient Cloud Operating System
HengtianYun provides the enterprises’ cloud systems with a safe, reliable, and cost-effective storage back-office by way of its optimized and efficient virtual platform, secure and stable network architecture, and open source distributed storage framework that has undergone in-depth development and fine tuning. The HengtianYun system enables enterprises to make full use of their existing resources by accommodating both old and new servers and supporting district regions. At the same time, HengtianYun’s outstanding operational monitoring ability makes managing clusters easier and more efficient;

2.Easy to Use
HengtianYun version 3.0 features many new improvements in user experience and interaction, and provides a rich, easy to operate management GUI for the cloud operating system;

3.Highly Automated
HengtianYun brings highly automated cloud migration tools and end-to-end cloud migration solutions, reducing costs and risk for enterprises upon entering the cloud;

4.Allows for a Smooth and Complete Transition
The intelligent self-service platform featured in HengtianYun facilitates enterprise process management, audit compliance, automated resource allocation, and self-service.

With rich technical experience, keen market insight and strong research and development abilities, the HengtianYun team is committed to providing users with excellent cloud products and high-quality cloud services. HengtianYun now serves a number of new clients, offering private cloud solutions in vertical fields such as education, finance, and logistics. HengtianYun recently garnered the Product Innovation Award at China’s national software conference INT’L SOFT CHINA 2014. For more information about HengtianYun, please contact us at