National Big Data Workshop Came to Hengtian to Discuss Tech-Driven Manufacturing

On September 11th, the workshop on “Big Data Pushes the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing” visited Hengtian again. The professional technicians and managers from government agencies, high-tech enterprises, institutions and universities communicated about how to carry forward the collection and exploring of big data, accelerating the big data innovations in manufacturing.


Pic 1: The Workshop Visiting the Exhibition Hall of Insigma

The group firstly visited the exhibition hall of Insigma, and discussed how to dig the massive data and make good use of it in guiding the operational decision making of enterprises. Later on, Kun Huang, the manager of Hengtian big data products, shared his opinions on big data and inspired the guests with a vision of the birth and applying of big data technology.


Pic 2: The Sharing Session of Kun Huang

In the early days of big data technology, Hengtian began to invest in research. Based on the enterprise’s data status and actual needs, Hengtian developed a one-stop solution from data acquisition, cleansing, analysis and mining to data visualization with mature big data capabilities and products. Based on the HTA big data platform, Hengtian has developed professional products and services such as TextValve (customizable data streaming service), HDV(data visualization platform), EBI(intelligent reporting platform), combined with industry and academic research to continuously promote and deepen the big data innovations for enterprises.


Pic 3: Active Interaction in the Sharing Session