Meet Minnie, Our “Quarterly Star” Who Powers Sustainable Blockchain Energy Trading Pilot Project

The collaboration between Hengtian and the client, initiated over three years ago, exemplifies our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Our partnership has not only yielded fruitful results in advancing sustainability in Chinas power industry but also embodies our dedication to responsible business practices.

This project, in particular, stands as a significant testament to our contributions to the ESG framework, as it marks Chinas pioneering success in leveraging blockchain technologies to facilitate distributed energy trading, a practice aligned with environmental conservation. Lets now find out more about how Minnie and the team have made this project happen.

“Its one thing to comprehend it yourself; its another to convey your understanding to others.”

In her role as a Business Analyst, Minnie adeptly bridged the gap between the client and our team throughout the projects duration, serving more of an enabler than a mere executor or intermediary.

During the projects negotiation phase, Minnie and the team dedicated themselves to devising a viable technological solution. Given the clients limited coding expertise and familiarity with blockchain technologies, Minnie had the task of explaining the solution in a more accessible manner. After five rounds of communication, the technology solution was finally accepted.

While the core question lies in how to incorporate blockchain technologies into the development of a distributed energy trading platform, what Minnie needs to grasp goes far beyond that scope. Ever since she took over the project, she had been giving it her best, conducting in-depth analyses of successful cases both domestically and internationally, as well as expanding her expertise in the intricate landscape of Chinas power industry. Additionally, she actively participated in regular and ad-hoc calls with the client and frequently traveled between our location and the clients base. These efforts translated into invaluable insights that guided our collaborative efforts with the client, ultimately resulting in the swift finalization of project requirements within just two weeks.

“What an end-user sees is just a tip of the iceberg.”

Speaking of the project’s most challenging aspect, Minnie emphasized “Clearance.” When you receive a message indicating the cost of your power consumption on our distributed power trading platform, the billing process appears transparent and flawless, but have you ever wondered how we calculate and transmit this fee to your phone? Since a customer may distribute their power consumption across various systems or platforms, each with distinct billing rules, it becomes imperative to provide an accurate and precise bill tailored to the customers specific usage on our distributed power trading system. As a Business Analyst, Minnie meticulously examined the billing rules across diverse systems or platforms, streamlined the logic connecting each calculation step, and figured out a formula for our development team to write it into code. After multiple rounds of verification, the formula was finally integrated.

“I eagerly anticipate the launch of our platform, scheduled for a trial run at the end of December, as it represents a major milestone in our commitment to ESG values.”

Reflecting on her work, Minnie acknowledged that the project was anything but a plain sailing. However, the hurdles she encountered served as valuable lessons that will enrich her future endeavors and further strengthen our commitment to ESG principles. Minnie is an epitome of Hengtians deep well of talent, where you can always get access to highly reliable individuals and teams to make your projects happen.