Jerry Cristoforo, State Street Corp. CTO and Hengtian Board Director Delivered Keynote Case Study at KPO Asia

Jerry Cristoforo, CTO of State Street Corp. and a member of HengTian’s board of directors, has been invited to deliver a keynote case study at KPO Asia 2007, in Singapore.  His case study, “Sharing project risk and benefit through co-sourcing – State Street/Zhejiang University,” will focus on three topics: State Street Corp.’s China outsourcing experience highlighted as from outsourcing to co-sourcing, business strategy and global technology, and the successful relationship between State Street Corp. and Zhejiang University.

KPO, or Knowledge Process Outsourcing, is the emerging outsourcing business concept that takes BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing, to the next level and refers to the practices that companies outsource highly specialized domain based skills.  KPO Asia 2007 is a two day conference where global attendees will gather to discuss the key issues, challenges and best practices relating to the domain of KPO.  KPO Asia 2007 provides an excellent networking opportunity for corporations to discover the benefits and potentials to outsource knowledge processes and the possible offshore locations to outsource these knowledge processes, the locations including major Asian countries, such as India, China, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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