Insigma Selected in the “2009 China Outsourcing Best Practices Enterprise Top 50”

Devott Co., Ltd. has announced the list of companies selected for its “2009 China Outsourcing Best Practices Enterprise Top 50” in 2010-03-08, Insigma ranked as 2nd in the list.

Devott Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Chinasourcing Co., Ltd.) is an international consulting company integrating portal websites, consulting, and outsourcing services. A number of overseas buyers, industrial parks, cities and enterprises seeking strategic partners use this ranking list as a reference for suitable companies. A total of 1208 companies cover this list’s 12 sub-categories in the outsourcing industry.

In an analysis of the 2009 China outsourcing industry, the impact of the global financial crisis continues, yet the Chinese outsourcing industry still continues to grow. 4175 new outsourcing companies were created in 2009. And the Chinese outsourcing industry obtained global outsourcing contracts totalling $ 200 million in 2009. It is predicted that the Chinese outsourcing industry will continue to grow in 2010.