Insigma Ranks Top 2 of 2007 China’s Software Exports (Outsourcing) List for the 3rd Year2007

On June 1st, 2008, the 2008 China (Yantai Zhifu) services outsourcing summit- 2007 China’s software exports (outsourcing) list conference was held in Yantai’s Dongshan International Conference Hall. Participants included government executives, experts, corporate executives and representatives from across the country in order to engage in-depth China’s software outsourcing cooperation.

The event was sponsored by the China Software Industry Association, Shandong Provincial Information Industry Office, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Office, Science and Technology Office, and the People’s Government of Yantai City, and it was undertaken by the People’s Government of Yantai Zhifu, the Information Industry Council of Yantai City, and China’s Software and Services Outsourcing Net. The award ceremony and symposium invited China’s leading software ministries and corporations, including Tata (China), Microsoft (China), Fujitsu, iSoftStone, Neusoft, Founder, and other senior managers to publish in-depth development analyses of China’s software outsourcing industry, with multi – cooperation as the main theme. The Yantai government also organized related enterprises in their image display, providing business opportunities for related enterprises and promoting rapid development of local enterprises in this field.

In 2007 China’s software exports (outsourcing) ranking list, Shenyang Neusoft Software Co., Ltd., Insigma Technology Corp., Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Co., Ltd., Hisoft (International) Group, and other enterprises earned 2007 China’s Top 25 Export Software Enterprises. And Insigma Technology Corp. ranked in the top two of the list for the third consecutive year.

According to the statistics, China’s software exports (outsourcing) ranking list has become the sole authoritative source relating to software exports and outsourcing. This event has begun to greatly attract purchasers abroad. The data is also recorded in the “Yearbook of China’s Software Industry” and adopted by related government ministries.