Insigma Hengtian Signed Cooperation Contract with Hangzhou Bank

March, 2011, Hangzhou: A cooperation contract was signed between Insigma Hengtian and Hangzhou Bank. Identified as a qualified vendor to Hangzhou bank, Hengtian considered this as a meaningful step towards outsourcing business exploring and brand recognition in the financial industry. With its strong advantages in talent resources and international financial service experience, Hengtian keeps pace with the times and provides qualified, comprehensive service solutions for the financial market by creatively working out specific cooperation models to meet different clients’ needs.

Established on Sep 26, 1996, Hangzhou Bank has grown into one of the top worthy investment joint-stock bank with excellent asset quality and strong profitability. Signing the contract is an important start for further cooperation. Hengtian will bring more values for clients through project development, testing, training, and promotion and maintenance process by leveraging resources and experience advantages in the financial industry.