Insigma Hengtian Ranked Among 2010 Top 10 Hangzhou Offshore Outsourcing and Export Enterprises

Feb 22th, 2011, Hangzhou: The Hangzhou Municipal Government hosted the economic working conference on Tuesday, February 22nd at the People’s Great Hall of Zhejiang Province. The President and CEO of Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd, Dr. Zhou Bo was invited to attend the conference.

Over the past three years, Hengtian’s total sales revenue has grown by over 40%, and its significant contribution to service outsourcing arena has earned great recognition. Hengtian was awarded with the honorary title “2010 Top 10 Hangzhou Offshore Outsourcing and Export Enterprises”.

Hengtian will continue expanding into both domestic and overseas markets and contributing to the service outsourcing industry by providing top quality and highly sophisticated technology development and support services for the financial services industry.