Insigma Hengtian Published Its First Mobile Application HT-12C

April 18, 2011, Hengtian iTalent team officially published its first mobile application HT-12C in the App Store. HT-12C is a financial calculator designed for business people, integrated with popular financial calculation formulas, including commercial financial formulas, statistics mathematical formulas, time and date management formulas, and key strike programming formulas. Meanwhile, HT-12C adds extra parameter view functions to help users to input long formulas and avoid errors. It also provides an interface for users to fine-tune existing formulas.

Hengtian offers free download of this application at:

The iTalent team of Hengtian was established in November 2010 to develop mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. After six months’ research and practice, the team has developed sound application development experience. The director of Hengtian iTalent team, said, “We will try to develop new innovative ideas in mobile applications, tools, and solutions, matching our company’s positioning in new product development and innovation. We believe that iTalent team will have greater achievements in the future.”