Insigma Hengtian Presented at the IAOP World Summit 2009 In Carlsbad, CA

Insigma Hengtian attended the IAOP World Summit from February 16th to 18th in Carlsbad, CA. Hengtian chairman Bob Williams was invited by the IAOP to give a speech about socially responsible outsourcing and how it is vital for companies to exercise responsibility in their outsourcing programs.

Bob outlined a case study with State Street’s involvement with Insigma and Zhejiang University, focusing on the strong and constantly evolving “co-sourcing” relationship. He discussed how strong, collaborative, unique outsourcing models used by Hengtian and State Street can benefit not only both companies involved but the individual employees and nearby communities.

The conference, widely recognized as one of the most influential conferences in outsourcing, gathered industry leaders to discuss the current business climate, most notably the effects of the global financial crisis.

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