Insigma Hengtian Invited to Attend Booth Display in Chinamoney IT Conference

Presented by China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS), the Chinamoney IT Conference was held in Shanghai, China on November 22. This conference bought about 90 CFETS member banks from all over China, with 10 separate keynote speakers discussing market dynamics and trends in trading and sharing the latest technology and best practices available in the market. Insigma Hengtian set up a booth display at the conference to show its self-developed systems, such as its Foreign Exchange Market Maker System, Foreign Exchange Deposit System, and Quotation Engine System. Hengtian also discussed financial IT services with CFETS member institutions in attendance.

Hengtian has been working closely with CFETS since 2007 by providing development, testing and technical support services. Hengtian services provided to CFETS member banks have included continuous improvement to both business knowledge and technology. Meanwhile, Hengtian has been cooperating with more and more CFETS member banks, including Guangdong Development Bank, Industrial Bank, and Bank of Shanghai.

CFETS, also known as the National Interbank Funding Center, is a sub-institution of the People’s Bank of China. Its main functions include providing systems for foreign exchange (FX) trading, RMB lending and bond trading; organizing interbank FX trading, RMB lending and bond trading; handling settlement and clearing of FX trading; prompting the clearing of RMB lending and bond trading; providing an online commercial paper quotation system; and providing information on FX, bond and money markets.