Insigma Hengtian Became IBM’s SOA Partner

In the last September, Insigma Hengtian and IBM formally signed cooperation agreement to develop SOA project for a commercial bank in China.

Since 2005, Hengtian has set up SOA project team to dedicate to the research and tracking of SOA products and technology. In May 2008, Hengtian passed the evaluation by IBM SOA Business Partners Appraisal Committee and thus became IBM SOA Business Partner, which signified a milestone for Hengtian’s SOA development. By partnering with IBM, Hengtian offers its clients the best SOA-based solutions and user experience.

IBM SOA Business Partner Program is a strong support program tailor-made for IBM Chinese partners. It provides its partners with strong technical and resource support as well as comprehensive SOA-related support. The IBM SOA Business Partner offerings include SOA technical enablement, sales training and skills-building roadmap, which will contribute to the success of their customers on their SOA journey.