Insigma Hengtian Attended the 6th China International Finance Forum

Covering the theme?Economic Growth and Financial reformation on the Financial Crisis, the 6th China International Financial Forum opened in Shanghai from Oct.24 to 25, 2009. As a top quality software outsourcing provider of applications and professional services for international financial institutions, Insigma HengTian Software Ltd. was invited to the Financial service outsourcing summit of the forum.

During the summit, senior managers and experts from well-known international financial outsourcing institutions from over nine countries, including the US England France and India, had a deep discussion about the perspective and development trend of the international financial services outsourcing market.

Established as a strategic alliance between Insigma Technology, State Street Corp, and Zhejiang University, Insigma Hengtian has earned widespread praise from specialists and other entities for its top quality and highly sophisticated technology development and professional services.