Insigma Global Services to Join the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

Insigma Global Services (IGS) has decided to join the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. On June 16th, IGS CEO Xiaohu Yang and Vice President Leon Cai met with the IAOP chairman, Michael Corbett, in Shanghai, who was visiting for an IAOP chapter meeting. Membership materials were formally presented at that time, initiating the beginning of IGS’s relationship with the IAOP.

The IAOP, located in New York, is an association of more than 40,000 individual and institutional members dedicating to assisting others in outsourcing related business. IGS will obtain Provider Corporate membership.

The decision to join the IAOP is composed of several factors. Most notably, Insigma is eagerly eyeing and awaiting the Outsourcing World Summit, held by the IAOP, in February of 2009. The summit is one of the biggest gatherings in the year of outsourcing providers and clients, and it is a massive industry hub for exchanging ideas and information. Also, as Insigma continues to grow in revenue and employee size every year, the company continues to recognize the importance of being involved with the global outsourcing community.

It is the belief here at Insigma that we can contribute our experience to the outsourcing community, and we are excited for the opportunity to both share our knowledge and learn from other providers in the industry.