HengtianYun Provides Comprehensive Cloud Services for Taixuan Network

Hengtian recently signed a series of contracts to begin building a cloud computing platform with Zhejiang Taixuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Taixuan Network), signaling the start of a comprehensive, cooperative and strategic relationship.

HengtianYun will provide multiple cloud computing services through this cooperation, including consultation, implementation, maintenance and training projects. More specifically, HengtianYun’s cloud storage service will offer consultation, deployment, and secondary development instruction. HengtianYun will also offer a variety of training and consultation in information security with regard to cloud computing, IT application systems, and infrastructure operation.

About Taixuan Network

Taixuan Network is a high-tech Internet financial company based in Hangzhou. Tairan, the parent company of Taixuan Network, is a well-known domestic wealth management enterprise; its service network stretches around the world. Taihe Web, a comprehensive Internet financial platform operated by Taixuan Network, offers multiple services to both PC and mobile users, including P2P, fund sales, insurance on a commission basis, and fundraising. In order to build a healthy financial ecosystem, Taihe Web cummulative collects financial information, handles financial analysis and supply chain risk control duties, and helps to manage investing, accounting, and fundraising activities.