Hengtian Won the Bid on Shanghai Clearing House’s Large System Consulting Project

Recently, Hengtian successfully won the bid in Phase I of the Integrated Business System Project of Shanghai Clearing House and stood out among many bidding companies and became one of the final selected three suppliers.

This project aims to implement an overall planning based on the existing system and future business requirements , in order to realize the integration of the original business system with new platforms  and to provide efficient, accurate clearing and settlement services for bonds , interest rates, foreign exchange futures, forwards, swaps, commodities and other business types , as well as registration and custody services for short-term financing bills.

Despite the high requirements and short time frame, Hengtian technical experts, with their rich experience in the development of inter-bank business system and software technology consulting field, managed to work out a  professional technical solution based on nearly ten thousand pages of requirements in just three weeks.

Figure 1:Hengtian technical experts are working overtime on the proposal during China National Holiday

Hengtian has established a cooperative relationship with Shanghai Clearing House since 2013, and has been participating in a large number of its system construction, such as the Integrated Business System, the Bond Valuation System, the Shipping Interest Rate Derivatives Clearing System and the Interest Rate Swap Trading System.  Additionally, it provides R&D, quality assurance, as well as operational and maintenance services. The success in the first phase bid of the Integrated Services System  project will further enhance the cooperation between Hengtian and Shanghai Clearing House, which also signifies that Hengtian has stepped onto a new stage in its architecture competence for inter-bank core system.