Hengtian Wins Bid to the Caikai Investment Group’s Client Images Project

After rounds of bidding and intense negotiations, Hengtian was charged with developing the first phase of the Client Images Project for the Hangzhou Caikai Investment Group.

The project mainly aims to analyze the large amounts of data from the Hangzhou Citizens Card in order to extract a rational data model, which combines with market analysis to develop relevant financial products matching consumers’ needs. The project will back up real-time data from multiple data sources automatically and remotely as well as to restore them. Meanwhile, the project will also  clean, analyze, and integrate the multiple data sources to achieve specific attributions and behavior descriptions, which are displayed visually and applied to the relevant businesses. The project will fulfill other requirements as well, such as group statistical analysis, specific person descriptions, product applications, and data modeling. The project in addition delivers a comprehensive safety controlling system to guarantee a high level of security with regard to data transmission and data search.

Thanks to the rich experience in project management and staff management, Hengtian achieved one more success and again gained the client’s approval in closing the deal.

About Hangzhou Caikai Investment Group

Hangzhou Caikai Investment Group was established in 1993 and is a wholly state-owned corporation. Its registered capital is 600 million RMB and its total assets has reached 1.87 billion RMB. The company is focuses on industrial investment, delegation of finance departments and state-owned asset management departments, asset management, and financial consulting.