Hengtian to Promote Informatization in Zhejiang through Custom ZhiYun Implementation

Hengtian recently built a textile management system based on the ZhiYun for Zhejiang Weichen Textile Co., Ltd.

The ZhiYun, which was developed independently by Hengtian, is an Enterprise Informatization Management software that is highly customizable and modularized. In the prophase of R&D, Hengtian relied on its own technical advantages rather than using ERP tools in developing the technology, which inadvertently forced end users to adapt to the software. Hengtian then re-analyzed the information requirements of the enterprise and relevant technical services, then clarified the ZhiYun is a customizable informatization product for non-standardize and clear management thinking production enterprises.

The Weichen Textile Management system was customized for the enterprise and is based on the foundation of the ZhiYun. It shortens the time spent by technical personnel on system development, and improves user experience by toward receive an excellent using effect.

About Weichen Textile

Weichen Textile is a well-known private enterprise in Zhejiang that produces various types of entire cotton grey fabric. With a total output value approaching one billion, the company is a major player in the textile industry.