Hengtian to Help Build Financial Trading Platform with Major Trading Center for Small Businesses

In March of 2014, Hengtian and the Kunming Financial Transaction Services for Micro- and Small- Sized Enterprises Co. Ltd. (referred to as WeeEx) resolved to collaborate on building a safe, convenient and efficient Financial Trading Platform for small businesses.

The platform serves the needs of small businesses in both obtaining funding and investing. It integrates online membership registration vetting, financial product releases, market quotation, risk assurance of bonding company, and all-time monitoring based on the demand of small-sized investors and financiers. The platform also has a comprehensive investment risk control and guaranteed compensatory system, real-time market price processing mechanism, and all-time fund position monitoring.

About WeeEx
The Wee Exchange is a trading center for small financial transactions supported by the government of Yunnan province. It was established in March of 2012. It provides efficient, independent, and flexible direct financing channels for small-sized enterprises, as well as legal, standard, and risk-controllable investment channels for private capital. In this way, it is able to guide private capital into the real economy. WeeEx serves thousands of small enterprises each year, and its total transaction volume has exceeded two billion yuan.