Hengtian Tests Smart Home Manager System for Midea, one of the largest home appliances makers in the world

In the first half of 2015, Hengtian provided functional testing, performance testing, and interface testing to Midea Group.

In order to guarantee the efficiency and rationality of Midea’s Smart Home Manager System as well as to ensure that the system meets the requirements of business, the Hengtian QA team was able to overcome a few challenges such as building an environment for testing and Public Cloud testing environment. The Hengtian QA team also utilized automatic performance testing tools to stimulate requests from mobile clients. Moreover, the team developed the Universal Distribution IOT Equipment System based on the testing requirements of Smart Home Management System. The Hengtian QA team deployed cloud testing machines on a Public Cloud platform to test the performance, architectural bottlenecks, as well as to track the performance status and investigate performance issues. During testing, the Hengtian QA team mined possible deadlocks in the CPU and modified system code to reduce any potential performance risks.

About Midea

Midea is a leading household appliances enterprise in China that owns two publicly-listed subsidiaries, LittleSwan and Welling. Its total sales revenue in 2013 reached 121 billion RMB, with its export sales revenue reaching $7.4 billion dollars. According to China’s Most Valuable Brands (2013), Midea was valued at 65.336 billion RMB, making it the No. 5 Most Valuable Brand in China.