Hengtian Talked about China Tech Market at NECINA Annual Meeting

On June 17, 2017, Robert R. Williams, the chairman of Hengtian, delivered a speech on China Market & Technology at the NECINA annual summit held in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, which attracted many attendees from both IT and Financial arena.

Figure 1: Robert R. Williams, Giving the Presentation

Mr. Williams first introduced the background, core business and capabilities of Hengtian. Then, he elaborated the growth of technologies applied in different fields in China, through examples of the rapid development in third-party payment, smart city and intelligent robot, etc, More and more China’s leading technology companies, such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tecent, Huawei, etc have been setting up R&D centers or provide technical services and support for European and American companies. Meanwhile, foreign companies also are expanding their investments in China. In the end, Mr. Williams shared his opinions on investment opportunities and challenges in the future China tech market.

Figure 2: Some Participants in the Meeting

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