Hengtian Started Cooperation with Bank of Shaoxing on Testing Project for Second Generation Payment System

In August 2013, Hengtian signed a contract with Bank of Shaoxing on a testing project. In this project, Hengtian will provide testing services for the bank’s second generation payment system. Hengtian is recognized for its outstanding services and rich experience in providing testing services for commercial banks. Previously Hengtian has successfully provided testing services to Hangzhou Bank for its new core system as a third party service provider, and its work was met with high level of customer satisfaction.

Electronic payments in China are developing rapidly. In order to promote the development of China’s electronic payment industry, the People’s Bank of China introduced the second generation payment system China National Advanced Payment System 2 (CNAPS2). The system will have a huge impact on both the banking industry and the third party payment industry. Switching over to the new system will require a good deal of preparation, but will give rise to corresponding opportunities for both banks and IT firms.

Hengtian provides a variety of professional software testing services throughout the software development life cycle, leveraging a comprehensive combination of efficient testing methodologies and tools in order to achieve clients’ specific business requirements. Hengtian’s testing services will significantly increase clients’ competitiveness and customer satisfaction through high-quality deliverables.

About the City of Shaoxing

Shaoxing is a fast growing manufacturing center located in the south wing of Yangtze River Delta, central-northern part of Zhejiang Province.