Hengtian Speaks at PAC Virtual Conference as China Time Zone Representative

On June 6th, Hengtian PEG manager, Tingting Zong, gave a speech entitled “Integrate Performance Test with DevOps” at PAC virtual conference. The conference is held by Neotys, (a French performance testing company), which aims to promote content sharing between experts from around the world. 20 experts shared several topics relevant to today’s performance testers: such as DevOps, Shift Left/Right, Test Automation, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence over the course of 24 hours.

Tingting Zong graduated from Zhejiang University with a Masters in Computer Science and holds a Masters in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique. Through her previous experience in continuous integration, Tingting presented the perfect combination process of performance engineering and DevOps.


In the past 5 years, Hegtian PEG team has completed over 250 software performance testing and performance tuning projects as well as over 100 software security testing and security tuning projects.

Her presentation covered the following topics:

  1. The Hengtian Tianji 3.0 system


The Tianji 3.0 system aims to establish a set of management specifications applicable to the company’s R&D process, and incorporates the construction and implementation of related project management platforms (PIS, Zendao), Quality management platforms (QAMS), and code management platforms (Coding). The workflow engine is used to customize the Hengtian standardization project work flow to promote the standardization of the company’s internal production processes The systems can be integrated in a stable and rapid manner to improve the convenience of communication between systems and reduce the degree of integration coupling. Combining product positioning with market demand, it aims to strengthen product R&D program management, improve product R&D capabilities and efficiency, ensure R&D product quality, and effectively control product R&D investment.

  1. The process of integrating Performance Test with DevOps in Hengtian


The green markings in the figure are all related to the performance test:

  • Performance testing in the unit testing phase of the development process
  • Static code performance scan
  • Online URL performance testing
  • Deep performance testing + performance tuning
  1. The static code performance scan tool – PSCAN


The static code performance scanning tool can directly scan the source code to analyze the potential performance bottleneck. The entire process is triggered by the Tianji system and runs automatically, without deploying or running the objective system.

The current static code performance scan is mainly focuses on the following four aspects:

  • Analysis of bytecode file
  • Establishing an Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Database Analysis
  • Data Structure Analysis
  1. Online URL based performance test


The online performance test can be done simply by providing a URL. The crawler in the online test system will analyze the provided test URL, and parse out all the link elements in the page corresponding to the address. It will further grab and parse on secondary pages, third-level pages, etc. Users can customize the crawl depth. The complete analysis performance test report will be provided at the end.

  1. System Classification


The system rating and classification process help to determine whether the objective system needs further performance testing or tuning. The elements affecting the rating include the number of target users, user access frequency, database data volume, and so on.

Systems that are classified as requiring performance testing and performance tuning can use the Hengtian Performance Complexity Model to estimate the expected man days based on their system characteristics.

  1. The HarmonyCloud APM

Harmony Cloud APM is an integrated solution that integrates application performance monitoring and business analysis. It is the only product in the industry that combines lightweight code probes and network packet capture technology to help customers

The HarmonyCloud APM system has the following five unique advantages:

  • Full-link monitoring of user granularity.
  • Application network packets analysis.
  • System issue pre-warning.
  • Code-level deep performance diagnostics.
  • User behavior monitoring.


Hengtian Performance Engineering Group, which was established in 2006 by Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd., is a group that specializes in the field of performance engineering. The group mainly provides services including performance testing, testing tools development, performance tuning and test monitoring for both domestic and overseas customers.

The group, with the support of Insigma, State Street and Zhejiang University, is a leader in providing quality engineering services for domestic and international financial institutions.

Hengtian Performance Engineering Group will continue to make strides in the field of performance engineering. The group is dedicated to becoming an internationally renowned performance engineering group. The group provides customers with professional, efficient, top quality performance engineering services that help systems run faster and increase system reliability.

PEG Website: http://peg.hengtiansoft.com/en/index.html