Hengtian Sparked Interest during 2014 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum

The 2014 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum took place on February 10 and 11, in Hollywood, Florida. Hengtian sponsored and participated in this event, and demonstrated Hengtian’s BlueMorpho and HT Analytics solutions. This event attracted nearly 400 participants, largely from the Mutual Fund sector and servicing vendors.

Representatives from the Hengtian Boston Team were actively involved in this event. Albert Ma, Hengtian’s Chief Innovation Officer presented and demonstrated Hengtian’s automated legacy system modernization solution BlueMorpho and data analytics product HT Analytics in one of the “Learning Labs”, a new initiative for the conference this year. The presentation sparked interest among leading international banks and large investment companies.

NICSA is a nonprofit trade association providing forums for the development of operational best practices in the investment management industry.

For more information, visit NICSA’s website: http://www.nicsa.org/default.asp?contentID=1.