Hengtian Signs Contract with Top Delivery Company to Improve International Shipping Procedures

In April of 2014, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd. (Hengtian) signed a contract with YTO Express, one of the top 3 package delivery companies in China, to kick off the development of the “YTO Express Alliance” system, an international logistics information alliance platform. Hengtian will help YTO Express develop a multi-language, international platform that will enable the client to manage the process of handling international packages, from pickup to delivery. This contract is an important component of the strategic cooperation between the Insigma Group and YTO Express.

The YTO Express Alliance platform will facilitate package tracking and basic information management including currency types, exchange rates, flights, and airports. The YTO Express Alliance will also optimize billing information, prices of international packages, and custom declaration documents, so as to improve the efficiency of YTO Express in managing international packages. At the same time, the Express Alliance will allow the information interchange with YTO’s own Jingang System and companies from upstream to downstream to form partnerships, while bringing about a virtuous cycle within the ecosystem of express delivery and optimizing the service structure of YTO Express.

About YTO Express
Found on May 28th, 2000, Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics) Co., Ltd. Is a large famous private express enterprise in China, which is committed to becoming an advancer of China’s Express service. It takes making YTO an icon of China’s express our responsibility, realizing its goal “YTO Express—Choice of the Chinese”. It is now serving as a Vice-president Unit of both China Express Association and Shanghai Express Trade Association.