Hengtian Signed a New Core Banking System Testing Project with Hangzhou Bank

Recently, Hengtian successfully signed a new core banking system testing project with Hangzhou Bank. The Hengtian team will work on comprehensive testing on the new core system within Hangzhou Bank to ensure its high quality before officially beginning online production.

This contract was signed based on the good recognition towards the professional performance and tireless efforts from the Hengtian Quality Assurance team. Hengtian QA team actively helped Hangzhou Bank establish a complete set of test specifications, processes, tools and templates, as well as corresponding technical guidance and training. By leveraging its years of financial domain knowledge, the team submitted a test evaluation report to Hangzhou Bank after an initial analysis, which was fully approved by the Bank. Hengtian will demonstrate to the customers its competitive quality management capabilities throughout collaboration with the bank. This contract is another big move following the service agreement signed with Hangzhou Bank in early 2011.

After years of testing service experience, Hengtian has accumulated a set of mature testing frameworks and best practices, and will continually promote professional testing services, including test automation, process improvement and other testing consulting services.