Hengtian Rated as Regional Preferred Supplier at Cisco

Recently, Hengtian was elevated to a Tier 2 preferred supplier at Cisco, due to that the company had earned all-around recognition from Cisco by strictly following Cisco’s supplier regulations, ensuring its own stable operation, fulfilling the terms of contract and improving performance and feedback, etc.

Cisco’s global supplier rating system covers 3 tiers and seven grades. Hengtian was rated as the Tier 2 preferred supplier, second only to global preferred supplier, and superior to other preferred suppliers in Asia-Pacific region, which showed Cisco’s high appreciation for Hengtian’s outstanding performance and win-win cooperation model in the past seven years.

The cooperation between Hengtian and Cisco started in 2009, and since that the team has continuously expanded from a small one in the earliest POC stage to a large team with hundreds of professionals worked from Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Hefei in China. The stable and in-depth cooperation between Hengtian and various business departments of Cisco not only enabled Cisco to deliver over 10 key projects in global business and thus boosted Cisco’s global SaaS revenues, but also helped Cisco make continuous progress in talent pool building, technology resources optimization and cutting-edge technology research etc.

Cisco team
Part of the Team Serving Cisco

This recognition will strengthen the cooperation status between Hengtian and Cisco and lay a solid foundation for broader business cooperation in the future.