Hengtian Provides Big Data and Analytics Services to China CITIC Bank

In this October, Hengtian signed a contract with China CITIC Bank in which Hengtian pledged to provide data collection and data analytics technology services for the Hangzhou branch of China CITIC Bank.

Putting to use its advanced data collection technology methods, Hengtian’s Big Data and Analytics Team mined a large amount of required data from specific company websites for the Risk Management Department of China CITIC Bank. Aiming at precision marketing, Hengtian’s Big Data and Analytics Team combined statistical analysis with machine learning to classify hundreds of thousands of credit card and debit users. The team then selected a minority of ” super users” as targets for telephone marketing, giving CITIC Bank a great leg-up in improving the success rate of its call center appointment service.

Hengtian’s Big Data and Analytics Team is dedicated to providing data analytics technology services to a variety of fields in order to boost business growth.

About China CITIC Bank

China CITIC Bank, established in 1987, is a nationally comprehensive and internationally oriented commercial bank. The bank currently operates in nearly 130 countries, while still maintaining a strong foothold in the mainland banking industry.