Hengtian is tapping into the NFT industry

Recorded in a blockchain, a non-fungible token (NFT) is used to certify authenticity and ownership of a particular piece of artwork. While protecting the digital copyright of artwork, NFT allows authentic and trustworthy issuance, purchase, collection, and use of artwork on digital markets as well.

As an emerging industry, NFT in China has gone through dramatic development coupled with rises and falls. Now, the heat of NFT has retreated and the market is in urgent need of industry standards and trading platforms with improved regulations.

Hengtian recently has offered bespoke solutions with a customized trading platform for a top NFT trading company. Our development team has upgraded the platform by launching a series of advanced functions on the current operation system including synthesis and airdrops of the collection, demonstration and transaction of pieces of artwork granted copyrights, and entity customization rights. The new platform not only meets users’ needs for their collections but also improves its own operational efficiency.

Hengtian is working to take leadership in standardizing the NFT industry and to fully unleashing the cultural value of NFTs to create a vast space for the development of the NFT industry.

Based on blockchain technology, NFT is to be the certificate of authenticity and possession that enables the traceable transfer of digital assets, and will facilitate to establish a standardized market order, protect users’ rights, and boost consumer confidence in the NFT market.

An NFT is a unique digital identifier as it is stored in a decentralized way in blockchain to be certified and cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided. NFT sheds a light on applying blockchain technology in fields such as digital copyright and cultural innovation.

In line with the call of focusing on the artistic value of digital collections rather than their financial benefits, NFT helps users to avoid compliance risks and shied away from speculation.

Hengtian boasts in-depth experience in digital finance, blockchain, new retail, and other key fields, and is capable of providing tailored solutions for our clients with the issuance platform for digital artwork. With technical expertise, we ensure a well-designed system architecture that can effectively hold high concurrent and high load businesses, so as to maintain sound operation and iteration of the platform.

In the future, Hengtian will continue to advance cutting-edge technologies and enable them to better integrate into traditional industries.