Hengtian Helps United Science and Technology Deploy Smart Watering System to Cloud Platform

Hengtian recently assisted Zhejiang United Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (United Science and Technology, Stock Code: 000925) to deploy its Smart Watering System to HengtianYun Platform.

The Smart Watering System developed by United Science and Technology was an application system for improving the quality of sewage. Due to the high cost of traditional architecture and complex maintenance, the system’s expandability had been limited. Based on thorough requirement analysis, Hengtian customized the hardware architecture solution, software deployment solution, and application load balance solution for United Science and Technology in order to deploy the system to HengtianYun platform, which improved the system flexibility and usage rate of resource.  Moreover, it reduced the cost of operation and IT infrastructure, which laid a solid foundation for United Science and Technology to expand its business rapidly around the country.

HengtianYun is a cloud operation system based on in-depth re-development of OpenStack. HengtianYun enables to optimize the OpenStack, virtualization platform, operational system, and dispatch algorithm as well as to develop HengtianYun Smart Service Portal to fulfill enterprises’ cloud requirements comprehensively and help enterprises to build their own cloud ecosystem.

About United Science and Technology

Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange center since June 11th, 1999 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang United Science and Technology is one of the key affiliate companies of Insigma Group. United Science and Technology’s business scope covers from rail transportation business to energy & environment protection, contributing to society by providing green technology, engineering, and equipment manufacturing services.