Hengtian Helps Release the Smart Delivery System for Tabacco Coporation

After a year of requirement investigation, architecture design, research and development, testing and debugging, the Hengtian Smart Delivery System was successfully released and in good operation in a regional company of Anhui Tobacco Corporation. With the joint efforts of Hengtian and the client, the functions and performance of the Smart Delivery System were greatly improved that strengthened utility and stability of the system. Moreover, the system can automatically deploy the routes without human intervention that fully verifies the utility of the Smart Delivery System.

Figure 1   Web Version of the Delivery System

As the featured product of Hengtian Smart Logistic Solution, the Smart Delivery System with independent intellectual propriety and patent is integrated with multiple Internet of Things techniques, such as artificial intelligence algorithm, GIS, GPS. Based on the artificial intelligence algorithm, the system achieves the order dynamic route planning and enhances the rationality of routes planning, which improves the efficiency of delivery.  Powered by unknown routes identification analysis with independent intellectual property and navigation techniques, the system is able to recognize and navigate the roads not existed on maps, especially the unknown roads in rural areas, which promotes the utility of routes and navigations and solves the navigation obstacles in rural areas. Furthermore, it guarantees the quality and efficiency of large-scale client centralization routes delivery.

Figure 2   Android Version of the Delivery System

The successful release of the Smart Delivery System initiates the new perspective for business development of Hengtian “IOT+” solution in Anhui. After promoting and applying in a local city in Anhui since 2016, which has the most complicated road condition and distribution sites, Hengtian helps the affiliates of Anhui Tobacco Corporation optimize the delivery procedures continuously to  improve the delivery efficiency and truly achieve  the principle of “ technological logistics, lean logistics, humanistic logistics”. Meanwhile, combining with other products of Hengtian Smart Logistics Solution, the Smart Delivery System will be promoted in the nationwide market and other industries to help more enterprises achieve smart logistics and improve the operation efficiency.